How Indian Vaidik astrology works ?

By studying horoscopes, we can better comprehend what energies are affecting us, and how we can best respond to those energies, often with spiritual practices.

Navgrah Jyotish Sansthan

Vaidik astrology is the map of our karma. It allows us to more precisely understand our own nature and destiny in order to navigate our lives in fulfilling these four goals. Ultimately, however, it’s about helping us in our spiritual development to achieve the final goal of moksha.

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Looking up from Earth, the sun and planets trace a path along the sky, moving against a backdrop of constellations, or patterns of stars which make up the various astrological signs, like Taurus, Aries, Pisces, etc. When the sun or a particular planet moves in front of a particular pattern of stars, it is said to be in the astrological sign those stars represent. Thus, the ecliptic path the planets take as they pass in front of the twelve signs of astrology is called the zodiac.

About 2,000 years ago, both Western and Vaidik astrology followed the planets along this ecliptic path to create horoscopes and make predictions.

But as the Earth spins on its axis, it actually experiences a wobble, known as precession. This wobble tilts the Earth, also tilting its ecliptic plane. As a full wobble takes 26,000 years to complete, the ecliptic plane shifts about 1 degree every 72 years.

The ecliptic plane has shifted enough in the last 2,000 years that the position of the sun and planets in relation to the signs no longer matches that of the old ecliptic plane.

Vaidik astrology takes precession into account and therefore calculates horoscopes based on the updated ecliptic path. Western astrology, however, sticks to the old path, which is more symbolic as opposed to astronomically accurate.

As described in the Vedas, everyone and everything is under the control of time.

By its influence, individuals are pulled inevitably through various stages of existence, before they eventually die and are pushed on to the next life, the condition of which is determined by their accumulated karma

According to modern science, time and space are interconnected to create the fabric in which we exist known as space-time. Large objects, such as planets, affect this fabric, influencing everything around them.

“What we call the planets are no more than points of light in a vast energy network, connected intricately by subtle lines of force, linking the entire solar system into a single organism. Though the planets appear like small points of light in the distance, their energy fields are present on Earth, and they are responsible for many of the formations of the Earth life and of our own bodies and minds.”

Simply put, as life is played out on the field of time, the planets are like referees, maintaining order.

Navgrah Jyotish Sansthan

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